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Merge branch 'release/0.1.2'

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## jupyter-openbis-server 0.1.2
- fixed missing re import bug
## jupyter-openbis-server 0.1.1
- the environment variables OPENBIS_URL and OPENBIS_TOKEN are now used in the connection list
name = 'jupyter-openbis-server.server'
__author__ = 'Swen Vermeul'
__email__ = ''
__version__ = '0.1.1'
__version__ = '0.1.2'
def _jupyter_server_extension_paths():
return [{
from notebook.utils import url_path_join
import os
import re
from urllib.parse import urlparse
import yaml
from notebook.utils import url_path_join
from .connection import OpenBISConnections, OpenBISConnectionHandler, register_connection
from .dataset import DataSetTypesHandler, DataSetDownloadHandler, DataSetUploadHandler
......@@ -30,8 +32,8 @@ def _load_configuration(paths, filename='openbis-connections.yaml'):
config = yaml.safe_load(stream)
for connection in config['connections']:
except yaml.YAMLexception as e:
except yaml.YAMLexception as err:
return None
return connections
......@@ -63,7 +65,6 @@ def load_jupyter_server_extension(nb_server_app):
print("Cannot establish connection to: {}".format(conn.url))
if "OPENBIS_URL" in os.environ and "OPENBIS_TOKEN" in os.environ:
from urllib.parse import urlparse
up = urlparse(os.environ["OPENBIS_URL"])
match ='(?P<username>.*)-.*', os.environ["OPENBIS_TOKEN"])
username = match.groupdict()['username']
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ with open("", "r", encoding="utf-8") as fh:
version= '0.1.1',
version= '0.1.2',
author='Swen Vermeul | ID SIS | ETH Zürich',
description='Server Extension for Jupyter notebooks to connect to openBIS and download/upload datasets, inluding the notebook itself',
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