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added CLI to create a connection

parent a110f747
import click
import yaml
import pathlib
from notebook import notebookapp
filepaths = notebookapp.jupyter_config_path()
@click.option('--name', '-n', prompt="Name of the connection")
@click.option('--hostname', '-h', prompt="Hostname of your openBIS instance")
@click.option('--verfiy/--no-verify', default=True, prompt="Verify server certificate")
@click.option('--https/--no-https', default=True, prompt="Use secure connection?")
@click.option('--username', '-u', default='', prompt="Username to connect to the openBIS instance")
@click.option('--password', '-p', default='', prompt="Password to connect to the openBIS instance")
@click.option('--destination', '-d', type=click.Choice(filepaths), show_default=True, default=filepaths[0], prompt="Destination where you want to store the configuration")
def cli(ctx, name=None, hostname=None, verfiy=True, https=True, username=None, password=None, destination=None):
"""Generate an openBIS connection file for use in Jupyter notebooks.
config_filepath = pathlib.Path(destination) / 'openbis-connections.yaml'
if config_filepath.exists():
if not click.confirm(f"A configuration file already exists in {config_filepath}. Do you want to overwrite?"):
connection = {
"name" : name,
"url" : hostname,
"verify_certificates" : verfiy,
if username: connection['username'] = username
if password: connection['password'] = password
if not https: connection['http_only'] = True
template = {}
template['connections'] = [connection]
yaml_object = yaml.dump(template)
with open(config_filepath, "w") as outfile:
print(f"sample openBIS connection file written to {config_filepath}")
if __name__ == '__main__':
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