Commit 94387da8 authored by vermeul's avatar vermeul
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fetch dataSet properties compatible with pyBIS 1.14.3 or later

parent d90fa05d
......@@ -35,9 +35,9 @@ def get_datasets(entity, start_with=None, count=None):
def get_datasets_for_identifier(conn, identifier, start_with=None, count=None):
datasets = conn.openbis.get_datasets(sample=identifier, start_with=start_with, count=count)
datasets = conn.openbis.get_datasets(sample=identifier, props=['$name'], start_with=start_with, count=count)
if len(datasets) == 0:
datasets = conn.openbis.get_datasets(experiment=identifier, start_with=start_with, count=count)
datasets = conn.openbis.get_datasets(experiment=identifier, props=['$name'], start_with=start_with, count=count)
totalCount = datasets.totalCount
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