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The server extension will be automatically installed when you install the Jupyter Notebook Extension (the «classic» Jupyter Notebook):
pip install --upgrade jupyter-openbis-extension
$ pip install --upgrade jupyter-openbis-extension
If you need to install or upgrade the server extension alone, you can do so by:
pip install --upgrade jupyter-openbis-server
$ pip install --upgrade jupyter-openbis-server
Make sure your extension is recognised by Jupyter and enabled (your output may vary, but ensure you see the line: `jupyter-openbis-server.main OK`)
$ jupyter serverextension list
config dir: /Users/your_username/.pyenv/versions/3.6.9/etc/jupyter
jupyter-openbis-server.main enabled
- Validating...
jupyter-openbis-server.main OK
## Create a connection configuration file
When the module is installed, you can create a connection configuration file.
$ jupyter-openbis-conn --help
Usage: jupyter-openbis [OPTIONS]
Generate an openBIS connection file for use in Jupyter notebooks.
-n, --name TEXT
-h, --hostname TEXT
--verfiy / --no-verify
--https / --no-https
-u, --username TEXT
-p, --password TEXT
-d, --destination [/Users/your_username/.jupyter|/Users/your_username/.pyenv/versions/3.6.9/etc/jupyter|/usr/local/etc/jupyter|/etc/your_username]
[default: /Users/your_username/.jupyter]
--help Show this message and exit.
You can start the utility as-is to get prompted for every parameter. Username and password are optional.
$ jupyter-openbis-conn
## install Jupyter extension manually
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